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Have you tried a new or visited a favorite restaurant lately?  Please consider sharing your recent restaurant review here.   


Restaurant Sage
Location Sarasota
Rating **** great
Atmosophere Old library beautifully furnished and decorated as a restaurant
Type of Food American
Price $$ moderate
What you ate Thai, greatly priced wine as well
Your thoughts Great
Comments Highly recommend, going again when we come for Father's Day
Bayporter Loved It!!  - (reviewed  5/14/19)



Restaurant Simply Suzanne's Cafe
Location Gulf of Mexico Drive (next to Swim City)
Rating **** great
Atmosphere Charming, informal, very friendly owner and staff
Tpe of Food Gourmet breakfast and lunch
Price $$ moderate
What you ate We are regulars here and never have been disappointed.  The breakfast sandwiches, bagels with homemade cream cheese and veggie burgers on ciabatta are favorites.
Your thoughts  Delicious.  Efficient service.  Come here regularly.  Happy to support a small business. 
Comments The owner, Stacey, is a delightful person.  Her adopted teenage son often helps her on the weekends.  The chef is very creative and can adapt her menu to your dietary needs.  Coffee and tea are great.
Bayporter Byron Alpers (reviewed 5/7/19)







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